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Lifecycle Engineering Services

DSCI offers a wide range of services spanning the full systems engineering lifecycle. Our systems engineering support to various government technologies and procedures has included:

For the past seven years, DSCI has provided systems engineering support to the TSA Office of Security Technology (OST) mission of identifying and deploying technology solutions to meet TSA threat screening requirements. We played a significant role in the development of acquisition materials for high-profile, critical TSA threat screening systems. Our Human Factors Engineers have been recognized for valuable input into the development, testing, and implementation of various passenger screening systems and procedures. DSCI Test Engineers have supported both the FAA and TSA, overseeing vendor-conducted T&E; planning, coordinating, conducting, and reporting on technology assessments at vendor and site facilities; testing and installing new equipment at operational sites; and assisting in the concept, development, and operations of a state-of-the-art TSA test facility at Ronald Reagan National Airport, the TSA Systems Integration Facility (TSIF.)