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Process Improvement

DSCI offers a suite of support services for customers looking to implement process improvement initiatives in accordance with standards and business strategies such as:

DSCI personnel who have functioned as Six Sigma Black Belts, employees experienced with ISO, Lean Six Sigma, and FAA-iCMM® audits, and process improvement appraisal‐trained staff are available to assist our clients in meeting performance goals associated with improving internal processes, and mapping specific business goals to process standards. Support services can span the range of process areas, including:

DSCI’s history of successful process improvement support includes assisting our FAA and TSA customers with meeting goals for process maturity as verified by independent appraisals. DSCI Process Engineers took the lead in defining ISO-compliant processes and procedures for the TSA Systems Integration Facility (TSIF), a state-of-the-art testing facility. DSCI personnel were instrumental in the development of the initial FAA-iCMM®, and received FAA-wide recognition for leading the first major FAA program to attain FAA-iCMM® Level 3 maturity. Before the FAA Aviation Security Research and Development Division became a part of the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), DSCI assisted the Division in exceeding FAA-iCMM® Level 2 maturity goals. In addition, DSCI successfully implemented an Earned Value system for reporting process improvement status against organizational goals.